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    A professional body for Kenya’s nephrologists and renal scientists

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We are a professional body for Kidney doctors and practisioners of Kidney Health in Kenya

We promote and disseminate education, research and policies that improve the outcomes for patients with kidney disease
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World Kidney Day

Promoting kidney health, raise awareness, and preventive through community engagement.
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KRACON Conference

Premier event advancing renal care, knowledge exchange, uniting experts and professionals nationwide
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2 October 2024
- Pride Inn Convention Centre, Shanzu, Mombasa
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Kenya Renal Association provides networking opportunities with renal health professionals and experts through educational workshops and seminars on kidney health. Therefore, you can access cutting-edge research and advancements in renal care.
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Latest Updates

Press Release

Press Release on Illegal Transplants and Donors

3 May 2024
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Press Release

Statement From Kenya Renal Association on World Kidney Day 2024

14 March 2024
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Press Release

Press Release on NHIF Pending Payments to Dialysis Hospitals Dec 2023

30 December 2023
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Frequently Asked Questions

Kidney failure is where the kidneys are less able to remove toxic wastes and remove excess water. The condition tends to get worse over a period of years. Chronic kidney failure usually leads to End-Stage Renal Failure (ESRF). ESRF can be treated by dialysis or by a kidney transplant. Whilst effective, these treatments are not a cure.
High blood pressure is very common in people with kidney failure. Kidney failure causes high blood pressure and high blood pressure causes kidney failure. High blood pressure increases the likelihood of a stroke or a heart attack. It can be controlled by removing fluid from your body and by taking blood pressure tablets.
Many dialysis patients have anaemia, it makes them weak and tired. Anaemia is easy to treat with injections of erythropoietin (EPO). Patients on EPO treatment may need additional iron, either in the form of tablets or injections.
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