KMA Centre, Mara Rd, Nairobi
+254 714 673305


  1. Continuous Medical Education via workshops, conferences and scientific journals on kidney disease and related trends in renal disease.
  2. Gunner points (CPD) for annual renewal of practicing Licence.
  3. Serving members interest with stakeholders like NHIF, MOH, KMPDS.
  4. Participate in Kenya Renal Activities and priority to attend the annual scientific conference (KRACON) and participate in World Kidney Day.
  5. Enjoy full rights including the right to vie for and hold office as well as the right to vote an official (executive) and receive recommendations and support for international membership at International Society of Nephrologist (ISN).
  6. Local opportunity to publish relevant journals internationally and in KRA website and be involved in research and registry projects or proposals and be able to gain insights and data.
  7. Members in Training can get support of their application and can get scholarship and education in their quest to their nephrology training program.
  8. Corporate members can get a platform to showcase their interest and products in relation to kidney care and have a platform to showcase their discoveries and related scientific work on kidney disease
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